Moving in Orange County? 5 Reasons to Use the Pros

Movers in Orange County

Moving? It’s always a challenge. But many of us don’t really fully recognize the level of that challenge until we are deep into the DIY moving experience and find ourselves out of our league. There are some things that should just be left to the pros when moving in Orange County. Let us count the ways.

1.The Pros Know How to Move Large, Heavy and Bulky Items

Moving large and bulky items isn’t all about brawn. It is just as much about brain and experience. Professional movers in Orange County understand how to properly protect large, heavy items and how to move them to avoid both damage to the items and damage to your body.

Packing a moving truck is not just an art. It is a science. Professional movers understand the logistics of packing a truck to ensure that weight is properly distributed and to minimize shifting and, consequently, damage and breakage.

2.The Pros Have the Proper Tools

Like anything else, doing a job the right way has as much to do with the proper tools as the know-how. Yet most of us don’t have the tools or equipment necessary to move large objects safely and easily.

Things like two-wheeled dollies, four-wheeled dollies, ramps, pallet jacks, hoisting straps, piano boards, specialized crates and bins and moving blankets and packing wrap are things most of us don’t have in our garages or the knowledge and experience to use them properly.

3.The Pros Know How to Pack

How hard can it be to pack a box, right? Turns out, packing boxes properly can mean the difference between your important items getting to their destination in one piece or many broken pieces. This can also come under the “proper tools” discussion.

Using the right boxes and packaging materials for the protection of your items and making sure they are securely and properly filled to avoid shifting is another part of the “art and science” of professional moving. Your Orange County mover is trained to pack efficiently and quickly.

4.The Pros Know the Fine Print

If you have things like antiques and artwork, you may have them insured specifically. But what you may not know is that some insurance companies require professionals to move these pieces in order for them to be covered. This is because professional Orange County movers are able to accommodate these pieces carefully, sometimes even building custom crates and boxes for them.

5.The Pros Have Insurance

This is an important factor to consider. Accidents happen. A professional mover will have coverage options in the event that something gets damaged in the move. So not only do you get the added protection of an experienced mover handling your important items, but you are also covered if something inadvertently gets damaged during the course of the move.

Moving is stressful enough. Let the pros reduce that stress for you. Call Fastruck Moving for a free quote. (323) 849-0022

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