Actions to Take If Move Cannot Wait As Pandemic Rages

There is a reason that explains why moving service employees have been classed as essential workers. Sometimes, a family or an individual has to move.

Why a move might be necessary

  • The lease for your existing residence is ending
  • You have sold your home
  • You have purchased a new home, and you need to schedule your move around the closing date.

Changes in moving procedures, which reflect response to the pandemic

  • Frequent hand washing by movers
  • Moving truck filled with sanitizers
  • No physical contact between the movers and their clients
  • Storage facilities have limited hours of operation.  Call ahead before going there with what you hope to store.
  • Some storage companies have reduced the number of customers that can visit their facility at any given time. Again, it pays to call ahead.

Companies that employ Pasadena Movers use virtual surveys, when trying to estimate the cost of transporting a given amount of household furniture.  In other words, the head of the household needs to photograph or video tape the items in the family’s home and share those same pictures with the moving company.

Actions that should be taken by a family that must have all items in their household transported to new location

If planning to rent a truck, go online, in order to make reservations; be sure to check on the exact location of the drop-off and pick-up sites. That site might not be the company’s branch office.

Wear a mask while packing; use new boxes, or older boxes that were found in your own home. Do not try to re-use boxes that came from any other location. Do not feel that everything should be placed in a box. Make use of other containers in the home, such as buckets, wastebaskets, or even a laundry basket.

Pack efficiently. Start with the non-essential items. Pack any frequently used items after everything else has been placed in a box or other container. Make sure that both bars of soap and any extra masks are easy to access.

Sanitize any items that the movers will be handling. If you need to make sanitizer, mix 1 T of bleach into 1 gallon of water. Try to create a delivery device by emptying the contents of a spray container, and filling it with sanitizer.

Finish packing 24 hours before the movers’ arrival. Call the company, in order to obtain confirmation of the previously mentioned arrival time. If there has been a delay, do not feel that time will get wasted. Families can make good use of the time that passes, during the wait for the movers’ arrival. It helps to have water bottles available for all those that will be tackling some heavy jobs.

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