Advice for Family That Is Moving During One of the Summer Months

The peak-moving season comes during the summer months on the calendar. Families prefer to move when their children are out of school. Hence, smart families need to consider the high demand for Irvine Movers at that particular point in time.

Checklist for family that plans to move during the summer

Make arrangements with moving companies well in advance of the day when you must leave your present residence. Make note of how the prices charged by moving companies vary from week to week. The prices are lowest in the middle of the month. In addition, the price increases, if a family insists on moving during a weekend, especially on a holiday weekend.

If you have small children, arrange for childcare on the day of the move. If you have pets, make arrangements for their care. If you have older children, make them responsible for finding someone that can care for the family’s pet. Limit the number of items that need to be moved. Have a garage sale or a moving sale, if possible. Think about what you might want to give away, such as books for a library.

Tips for moving technology equipment

Your children do not have school during the summer, but they should have use of a computer, once school starts. That means that each piece of technology equipment has to be transported with care. First, consult the owner’s manual, the one that came with whatever piece of equipment you need to move.

Next, work on creation of a way to identify each device’s cord, after you reach your intended destination. Do that by removing the cord from each piece of equipment and putting a colored sticker or some colored tape on the same cord. Then take a sticker or tape with a matching color and put that on the device that should receive the marked cord.

After that, you must wrap the technology device in either linen or clean paper. Then put it in a box, ideally the box that it came in originally. It is up to you how you label each box. If you want you can simply indicate what room the boxed item needs to go in, once you have arrived at your new home. Of course, you might also want to indicate the purpose of the boxed item.

For instance, you might put “desktop screen” on one box, and “gaming controls” on another one. If you boxed any appliances that rely on the operation of a computer program, use a label to identify each box’s contents. Sleep soundly, knowing that you have worked to ensure the functionality of each piece of technology equipment, until the time when you and your children will use it.

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