Advice on Interstate Moving

Interstate Moving Movers

States have different rules regarding things like taxes, driving age and insurance. Still, many families complete an interstate move each year. The advice in this article is directed at such a family.

Tasks to complete before packing begins

Look for a reputable moving company. Start your search by speaking with friends, family members and neighbors. If you need move advice, consider consulting a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Look for a customized Glendale Movers. That way, your family only pays for the services that it needs. Aim for obtaining a list of 3 to 4 different moving companies. Consult with each of them in order to get an estimate of the cost. Use that estimate to develop a budget.

How to approach the chore of packing

Start by packing those items that get used on a seasonal basis. For example, pack the holiday decorations. Then pack those items in your wardrobe that you do not expect to wear during the season of the planned move. Save until later the job of packing more essential items, such as cooking supplies.

Before placing fragile items in a box, wrap them in any of the linens that you plan to take to the new location. That way, you do not have to spend time getting those packed in a separate container. Pack all the items from one room in one or two boxes. Label that same box, so that movers know where to put the boxed items, once all of them have been transported to the new residence.

Keep track of any item that you know will be needed soon after your family arrives at its new address. For example, make sure that you can access any medication that must be taken at bedtime.

Visits to make before the day when the movers arrive

  • Visit the post office and provide the postal service with details, regarding your new address.
  • Visit or contact your utility companies, so that service gets turned off at the old residence after your family has started its interstate journey.
  • If possible, visit the location of the new school district. Learn the structure in that same school district. Arrange for any school age children to get a tour of their new school.
  • For older children, meet with a counselor and set up the student’s schedule of classes.

Parents, keep your eyes and ears open for word about any scheduled activity in your family’s new home, ideally an activity that matches with a child’s interest. Encourage your child to plan on taking part in that same activity. That should increase the child’s chances for meeting someone that could become a new friend. New friendships work to hasten the adjustment process.

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