Advice on Unpacking from a Professional Mover

Unpacking seems like a simple task. Even a child can take something from a box. Still, a professional Glendale Movers know that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach any unpacking chore.

First things first

Deal first with the appliances and bulky items. Get the appliances connected to their respective electrical sockets. Get large pieces of furniture re-assembled. Retrieve any essential items, such as medications. At this point in time, any form of box cutter would qualify as an essential item.

Attack one room at a time

Start with the bathroom. Prepare it, so that anyone can use it. Be sure that it contains the items needed by anyone that might want to shower or bathe, after spending a whole day moving. Next, get to work in the kitchen. Get set up for preparing and serving a meal. The appliances should already be plugged into their respective sockets. Unpack the dishes, the glassware and the silverware.

Move on to the bedrooms. Focus on the beds that each person that is staying for the night will need. Be sure that each of those same beds has been fitted with the necessary linens and blankets.

Calling the reader’s attention to the nature of the professional’s approach

Time should not be wasted completing tasks that have no useful purpose, at this particular point in time. In other words, do not devote time to placing books on a bookshelf, or to studying how to install shelves in the laundry room.

There would be nothing wrong with testing at least some of the sockets. Each of them should be a sure source of electricity. Family members would want to charge their cell phones, unless a landline had already by put in place. Yet calls should have a limited duration.

It could be that some room might get ignored, until things started running smoothly. For example, if a family from a small home were to move into a larger one, it might not have furniture for all of the rooms. So, for a while, one room could be used for storage of unpacked boxes.

The season chosen by a family for its re-location to a new neighborhood should also dictate what tasks get prioritized on the family’s second day at that new location. During the summer, attention should be paid to the porch, if the home has one, and to the placement of any outdoor furniture.

In the fall or winter, it would make sense to test the fireplace, if the home had one. As the temperatures started to drop, the usefulness of that opening in the wall would become more obvious. In an older residence, the fireplace might need a good cleaning.

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