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Best movers Los Angeles

How to Select a Great Mover?

Finding a mover in Los Angeles is not an easy task. While the word of mouth works the best, unfortunately many of us can share a less than satisfactory experienced with local Los Angeles movers. To make it worse, online search turns up a myriad of choices, and most of them have highly appealing customer rating, glowing images and other marketing perks. But what online directories do not disclose, is the credibility of statements of a moving company insurance status, licensure, and certificates of training. Unfortunately, many of the movers Los Angeles lists in its directories, are unlicensed and uninsured. If you choose Fastruck Los Angeles Movers for your local or long distance move, you can rest assured that we will provide you a proof of our credibility both by official paperwork, and during our professional service delivery. Our Los Angeles Moving Company is fully insured, licensed, and bonded. Our Los Angeles Movers are highly trained and always bring their courtesy and friendliness to clients’ homes. We rely heavily on both return customers and future referrals, and will make sure that you receive top notch experience with our moving company. Below are few general tips to guide in your search for the best Moving Company in Los Angeles:

Is your Los Angeles Moving Company Insured and Licensed?

Before hiring any Moving Company in Los Angeles, make sure to check their license and insurance status with California Public Utilities Commission. It is fairly easy to do by going to CPUC website and searching for moving company status. This ensures that the moving company of your choice can be responsible and accountable for their actions if something goes wrong.

Beware of Rogue Movers in Los Angeles

While add-on moving services is a legally permissible action on the movers behalf, our Los Angeles Moving Company strongly believes, that they have to communicated prior the services being rendered. For example, some specialty cardboard boxes can be costly addition, and you might want to skip boxing the mirror, and using the moving pads instead to save the money. Make sure to thoroughly investigate the pricing model of the company to avoid costly choices.

Research Online Testimonials

Most of the moving companies in Los Angeles have at least one listing in one of the mainstream online directories such as Yelp or Google Local. There are many movers in LA that responsible and experienced, but some are notorious for posting fake or even forced reviews. Make sure to read the filtered section of the Yelp to find out the truth about real people’s experience.


Selecting a moving company in Los Angeles can be difficult task. Checking the credentials with regulatory offices, requesting detailed estimates, and researching customers’ reviews can make the search easier. We hope that by following steps described above you can find the right company to complete your move. Happy Moving!

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