Difference Between Interstate And Intrastate Moving

People move all of the time, whether it’s to another local neighborhood, or to a far-flung nation in a different part of the world.  Professional movers know this and divide moving into two distinct categories:  interstate and intrastate.  Read this article to learn more about interstate and intrastate moving and why you should care about them.

What is the main difference between interstate and intrastate moving?

 When you move interstate, you officially move across federally defined state lines.  A good example of an interstate move would be moving from Texas to Alabama.  This only applies to states in America.  If you move from Nevada to Ontario province in Canada, you are not considered to be moving interstate by professional packers even though you are relocating to a different nation.

When you move intrastate, you move to a different location in the same state.  A good example of an intrastate move would be relocating to Yorba Linda in California from San Francisco, California.  You will need movers experienced in intrastate moving to get the job done right.  In a nutshell, you move interstate if you cross federally defined state lines.  You move intrastate if you move to another location within the federally defined borders of a particular state.

Is interstate moving the same as long-distance moving?

 Many people think of interstate moving as long-distance moving since they cross state lines.  However, professional moving companies categorize long-distance and local moving differently.  Local and long-distance moving have completely different definitions from interstate and intrastate moving.  For example, you are considered moving locally if you move no more than 100 miles from your previous location.  You move long-distance if you move more than 100 miles from your previous location.

Since you can cross state lines by moving fewer than 24 miles, it’s not always prudent to associate long-distance moving with interstate or intrastate moving.  However, as a general rule of thumb, most people move long distances when they move interstate, and they move locally when they move intrastate.  You need to care because knowing these definitions can make the difference between a smooth move and the move from hell!

There is a difference between interstate and intrastate moving from a budgeting standpoint

 Your budget will dictate your moving options and preferences.  It will also play a huge role when you are moving interstate because these types of moves tend to cost more than intrastate ones.  Movers tend to charge more for interstate relocations because of all of the additional challenges and complexities involved.

Do you know the difference between interstate and intrastate from the moving standpoint?

 States regulate moving companies differently.  Moving companies are only required to register within the states in which they operate.  They need to be federally licensed in other states.  Some intrastate movers only have licenses and insurance to operate in the state which they are located for this reason.  The federal government regulates interstate moving however.  Therefore, all interstate movers must be licensed with the FMCSA.  You should choose a mover who is licensed with the FMCSA if you want to move across state lines.

The difference between interstate and intrastate moving in terms of the moving process

 Interstate moving takes longer to organize and do than intrastate moving because the planning and executing process for interstate moving is more difficult and complex.  It is also much different.  You could not move to another state quickly.  Additionally, interstate moving takes much longer.  You and the moving company will handle the moving process differently for interstate moving than for intrastate moving.

Interstate moving takes longer in terms of planning and packing.  Items must be carefully packed to ensure that they are not damaged or destroyed during the long move.  You will also likely need to rent storage space in the state which you are moving to for temporary storage of your belongings.

 Interstate moving has unique challenges

 Interstate moving is much more difficult than intrastate moving for the reasons discussed above.  You face some unique challenges when moving to another state.  For example, you will need to buy a home, pack your belongings, find a good interstate mover, find a good school for your kids, and register your car, among other things.  However, interstate moving is not impossible and can be rewarding especially, if you have a new and better paying job waiting for you in the new state.

If you intend moving soon, irrespective of whether it is within California or out of state, we can be of assistance. Call Fastruck Moving Company today and let us help you!

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