Features of Move That Involves Crossing State Lines

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An interstate move is one in which the moving van needs to cross at least one state line. That could represent part of short distance relocation; yet the crossing of multiple state lines would be part of a long-distance move. In either case, all involved in that experience might note that particular move’s special features.

The mover must be registered with FMCSA. Those 5 letters stand for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

An interstate move requires more planning than an intrastate one. Suppose, for example, that a family with pets decided to move to the other side of town. It might arrange for a neighbor to care for the pet during the move. The family could return to the old neighborhood and retrieve the four-legged member of the relocated family group.

Irvine Movers knows that those circumstances contrast markedly from the ones experienced by anyone that needs to complete an interstate move. In that case, a larger pet would need to be sent by plane to an airport close to the pet owner’s new home. Then that same owner would need to go to the airport, and retrieve the shipped animal.

Furthermore, families that cross state lines during a relocation effort often need to think ahead, regarding where to store some of their possessions. Those that do not want to pay for storage must give thought to renting certain household items, after settling into their new residence.

One task that gets added to the demands of families that cross one or more state lines, while moving

Any car owner that moves into a new state needs to re-register his or her automobile. In addition, that particular driver is expected to obtain the appropriate state license.  Some states want new residents, those that have transferred in from out-of-state, to obtain a new license within a 6-month period of time. That task gets added to the list of jobs facing anyone that moves a short or a long distance. That list includes these jobs:

  • Notify utilities,
  • Enroll children in their new school
  • Find a new family doctor, or pediatrician

Some families fly to the area with their new home, if that same area is quite distance from their old neighborhood. Other families drive over the many miles to their new home. Someone that has chosen to take the latter approach needs to acquire information on the location and condition of the roads over which their car will take them.

Granted, most modern cars have a GPS system. Still, a GPS map does not always provide the driver with all the latest information. Frequently, it makes no mention of construction spots. A driver that has entered a strange region of any state does not want to encounter conditions for which he or she has not been warned.

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