Guidelines for Family Making Long-Distance Move

Long Distance Movers

A family that plans to complete a long-distance move needs to make certain decisions. Each decision introduces the need for a specific action.

The first decision: What size of truck to use?

If your family must move all of its possessions, arrange to use a large truck. If you do not object to giving away or selling some of your possessions, then you can use a small truck. Depending on what needs to be moved, it might become necessary to hire an additional group of Irvine Movers. Note the costs linked to using such a group, and weigh that against the type of services offered by that particular company.

Decisions made while packing

  • How much to put in each box? It is best to keep the weight of each box under 50 pounds.
  • How to load the truck? Load it carefully, Work to avoid the shifting of those things that have been packed in the truck. Strap down each item that gets placed in the truck.
  • How to stack the labelled boxes? Those that are most structurally sound should go on the bottom.

Pre-trip decisions

Map out the planned route. Remember that the driver should have a chance to take regular breaks. Consider fitting the car with a system that produces pleasing music, the sort that the driver likes.

Drive with a companion. If that companion should refresh his or her math or spelling skills, take advantage of the fact that he or she must stay inside the car. Drivers that follow that advice manage to stay awake, while helping a child become a better student.

What to do after reaching destination?

Do not rush to unpack. Once starting to unpack, focus on the boxes that contain the items needed most. Ideally, the needed items will not be on the bottom. Strive to introduce a routine. It helps to have food ready for preparing a meal on that first night. It takes time to discover where and how to obtain take-out fare.

Call the utility companies, so that you acquire access to electricity, water and gas. If you cannot get that done the first night, post a note, so that you remember to make those calls the next day. Within a day or two you should know, if anything is missing. Do not hesitate to contact the moving company/corporation.

Make a call to a friend or relative, so that those who care will know that you have arrived at your new address.  Check the mail, and see what piece of mail has been sent to the new neighbors. If the mail carrier has not yet begun delivering letters and packages to your address, then plan to visit the post office.

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