How to Approach the Task of Making a Long-Distance Move?

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A family needs to put a good deal of effort into a cross-town move. The job of moving a long distance from a family’s present location can prove to be a daunting task. The right approach helps to make that particular task a bit easier.

Pre-packing chores

Start planning the move no later than 3 months before the day scheduled for departure from family’s former home. Search for a reputable moving company. Look for Irvine Movers that offers a free quote, following a no-cost consultation.  It is best to work with a consultant to create a moving calendar.

Tasks that should be scheduled and mentioned on the completed calendar

Work on limiting the number of items that need to be packed and moved. Throw out anything that would not help the family to get re-established in a new location. Schedule a time for selling items that are too good to throw out, but not worth the trouble to pack.

Schedule a way to give some items to selected nonprofit groups. It might help to focus on the family’s collection of books, when planning to give away selected items. That way, some of the heaviest things can be eliminated.

Secure some moving boxes. Pack up those things that have not been thrown out, sold or given away. Be sure to label the packed boxes. Each label ought to contain a listing of the items inside of the box, along with mention of the room where the packed items need to go in the new home.

Not everything should get packed at the same time. Start with those things that have a seasonal purpose, such as holiday decorations. Next pack any clothing that is currently out-of-season. Wait until later to start packing essentials, such as linens, kitchen gadgets, dishes and utensils, medications and whatever items must be used to carry out specific health care needs.

Tasks that become easier, if family has chosen to hire a moving company

  • Exploring the new neighborhood
  • Finding a family doctor, or a pediatrician: A family with a pet would need to find the local veterinarian.
  • Visiting the local school with the young people that will be attending that same institution
  • Locating the closest market
  • Visiting the offices that issue the scheduled events in the new neighborhood. Finding out whether or not there is a local Farmer’s Market.


  • Some families might want to visit the local library and learn how to get a library card.
  • Some families might want to visit a certain House of Worship.
  • Some families might need to get younger children enrolled at a daycare facility.

If a family member takes a medication on a regular basis, then it would pay see the pharmacist about transferring a prescription.

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Dessie Heflin
Dessie Heflin
3 years ago

I appreciate your hard work. This is the perfect information to shift my house. Which things get the most priority to get online moving quotes like how to move interstate.

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