How to change flat tire on a moving dolly

How to Fix Moving Dolly Wheels

Our Los Angeles moving company primarily uses Milwaukee hand trucks/dollies distributed by Home Depot. They are fairly affordable with a claimed weight limit of 800lbs. From our experience the tires of these hand trucks last about a year and tubes rupture in about 3-4 months of daily service. If you stumbled across this post you have probably spent few minutes trying to figure out how to fix this type of hand trucks. In the post below we will describe how to change inner tubes and wheels.

How to change Inner Tubes and Tires

  1. If your moving dolly got a flat tire you will first remove the tire. To make it easier fully deflate and squeeze damaged inner tire.
  2. Then use either a bicycle tire pry levers or couple of flat screwdrivers to remove the tire. It should be relatively simple, but we have encountered at least several models on which removing a tire with pry levers seems to be impossible on a first sight. Those are the models with 4 bolts holding the halves of the wheel disk. If you happened to own such a hand truck simply remove all 4 bolts and the tire will come off itself with no force applied at all.
  3. Remove the punctured inner tube.
  4. Replace damaged inner tube. We would recommend using Marathon Industries 20990 4.10/3.50-4"-Inch tubes, available on Amazon with free shipping on orders more than $35. Our LA moving company purchases them in bulk which is convenient when the flat tires are discovered.
  5. Replace the tire with mounted inner tube. Replacing the tire on the dollies with halved disks is a very easy process. Just mount the tire with a new inner tube already inside onto the first halve of the disk. Next, attach the second halve and connect them with bolts. If you own the hand truck with a solid disk - mounting the tire may seem to be a tricky task. At first you might even think that it is impossible to do it, or at least that's how I felt the first time. The trick is to mount the tire under a 30-45 degrees angle which changes geometry of the tire diameter against the disk and makes mounting fairly easy. Make sure not to pinch the new inner tube, otherwise you might need to replace it again. Also check the inner surface of the disk for any abrasive particles to prevent future punctures. Similar process is performed to change the tires on the Milwaukee dollies.
  6. Inflate the tire to the desired volume
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