How to Keep Your Sanity Intact When Moving

Moving can be a stressful time. Even the best-planned moves can go awry, particularly ones that are a total relocation. But keeping organized and calm can help alleviate moving disasters and get you from point A to point B with your sanity intact.

Give Yourself a Lot of Time

Some of us can be natural procrastinators. This is often the case with a move. Because you are using your furniture and household items until right before the big move, it’s easy to justify packing these things at the last minute.

Unfortunately, most things fall into this category. Giving yourself plenty of time is one of the most important things you can do to cut down stress while moving. Bake in those other time consumers such as cleaning before you leave and you will feel less overwhelmed when the big day comes.

Label, Label, Label

We’ll say it again: label. You might be in a hurry. You might not be able to find that marker in the piles of stuff that seem to be everywhere. Stop. Breathe. Now find that marker and label. Labeling boxes will be a virtual lifesaver when you get to your destination. Think you’ll remember where you packed things? Nope. You won’t. Label.

Another added benefit to having everything clearly labeled is that your movers can put everything in the room that it’s intended for. This can be huge when it comes to unpacking.

Segregate Important Paperwork

This piggybacks on our labeling mantra. Important documents and paperwork, especially those you will need at your new destination, should be kept separate and ideally with you as you travel. These include

  • Drivers license
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security care
  • Passport
  • Insurance information
  • Closing documents or lease agreements for your new home
  • Important contacts including utilities and your moving company

You want easy access to these documents as you are traveling between places on your move. Buy a cheap plastic file bin and keep your important documents where you know where they are at all times.

Pack Up a Cooler

You simply won’t have time to cook or shop. Pack up a cooler with snacks and drinks that can keep you going all day and into the night on moving day. Don’t forget the pets, too. Keep out enough pet food and bowls and water containers for Fido or Fifi.

Pack a Bag

Just like food, it’s easier to have a few daily essentials and changes of clothes packed for easy access. This should include things like basic toiletries, cell phone charges and medications.

Hire Professionals

It’s easy to justify cutting the budget right here. You’re overwhelmed and taking a DIY approach can save you money that you can spend on that new patio set, right? Moving is not easy and it’s not fun for a novice. A professional moving company in California is often worth its weight in gold. Hiring a professional ensures that there will be less damage, less work and less stress.

When you’re looking for a mover, don’t take chances. Look for one with a great local reputation and a standard of excellence that you can trust. Contact Fastruck Moving to see how we can help. Call us at (323) 849-0022 for a free quote.

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