How to Limit the Exhaustion Caused by a Summer Move

Unless you can plan to move on the first day of summer, or early during that hot and humid season, a moving day can leave all involved feeling exhausted. Fortunately, it is possible to limit everyone’s level of that exhaustion.

How to prepare for moving day

  • Hire professional movers
  • Purchase a large number of water bottles. You should buy enough so that you can have a generous number of bottles at both the new and the old home.
  • Buy at least 2 portable fans.
  • Get hold of some colored tape.
  • Assemble your packing supplies; start packing; try to get as much as possible in boxes before the Orange County Movers arrive. Make sure that the electronic items get packed last, and get removed first. That helps to protect them from the environmental conditions inside of the box.
  • The day before the move put some of the water bottles in the refrigerator, so that you have cold water for the movers.

Actions to take on moving day

Get going early in the morning, while the temperatures are still tolerable. Plan ahead, so that you can wear sensible clothes. Be sure to put on a pair of closed-toe shoes. If you have made a habit of not wearing shoes in the house, you might want to wear sturdy shoes, indoors, on this one day.

Go to the new home and turn on the air conditioner; take one of the portable fans with you. Put one portable fan where the movers will be loading the truck; put another one where the movers expect to be unloading the truck.

Take the water bottles out of the refrigerator and put a few in each of the rooms. Carry some of them to your new home, when you go there to turn on the AC.

Place ice in a cooler, so that you have the ability to transfer some of the items that are in your refrigerator to the same cooler.  That could make it easier for you to plan an evening meal.

Apply sunscreen before working outdoors. Be sure that any young children are wearing sunscreen.

Added notes on the electronic items

Above you have read instructions for packing your electronics, so that the summer temperatures have the least effect on them. Make an effort to be organized, as you do the packing.

You should have colored tape. Use that for matching cords with the piece that requires a particular cord. Put one color of tape on the wound cord, and the same color of tape on whatever relies on the cord with the matching tape. That should make it easier for you to set-up each piece of electronic equipment. You will welcome an easy task.

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