How to Make a Move Less of a Chore

How to Make a Move Less of a Chore?

No matter how appealing a new location might seem, the thought of moving to that same appealing spot might cause a settled resident to express hesitancy, with respect to the idea of completing a move. In reality, a move does not have to be a chore.

Advice on preparing for moving day:

Spend time thinking about what items will be needed almost as soon all the packed boxes get moved into your new residence. Put those same items in a clear bag or box, so that each of them can be located and accessed with ease.

Wrap fragile objects in clothing, bed linens or table linens. That eliminates the need to spend money on bubble wrap. Label all the packed boxes. List all the things that the labelled box contains. Indicate in what room the same box belongs, after the movers bring it inside.

Pack plates in the same way that you would pack a group of old records. Do not stack one plate on top of another one. Wrap each plate in a protective material. Reduce the amount of time that gets spent locating boxes. Put some things in a basket, a suitcase or a laundry hamper. Remember that no packed container should weigh more than 50 pounds.

If possible, try to clean the bathroom and kitchen in the future residence before moving into that future home. That makes it easier to prepare a meal, once the day has ended. It also makes it easier to clean up, before enjoying a well-earned night of sleep.

Strategies to employ on the day of the move:

Stay one step ahead of any anticipated problem. The Orange County Movers may need to dismantle some pieces of furniture. That could mean the creation of some lose nuts and bolts. Have some small plastic bags ready for carrying those small items to the spot where the furniture well be re-assembled.

Get organized. If the packed boxes must be stacked, one on top of the others, arrange for the sturdiest box to go on the bottom.

Unless you know that you will be able to have food delivered, pack those food items that can be used for preparing a simple meal. If the kitchen has been cleaned, that simple meal can be more than just sandwiches.

Unpack the clear box or the clear bags first. Have the contents of each clear container distributed to the rooms where each of them should prove most useful. For instance, put medicines in the medicine cabinet, if there is one. Make bath soap accessible to anyone that wants to wash off, before hitting the sac. If someone must get up at a specific time the next day, unpack an alarm clock.

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