How to Negotiate the Best Deal with Your Moving Company

There is one phrase that is just as exciting as, “you got the job!”  It’s, “it’s moving day!  Of course, you will have a lot of furniture and other items with substantial financial and sentimental value to move.  Since some moving companies unfortunately have a reputation for breaking their customers’ items and furniture, you need to hire the best moving company. However, since good moving companies are too expensive, you need to learn how to negotiate the best deal with Glendale Movers.

Don’t need to negotiate with the best movers

 If reading that made your head turn a bit in confusion, you should know that the best movers are professionals who are interested in doing repeat business with you.  They also want to get referrals from you. They know that they have to keep you happy in order to do this. They also want to maintain their stellar reputations of being trustworthy, professional, and reliable. The best movers and packers will offer you the best price they can for you upfront.

Negotiate when renting storage space

 You’ll likely find that you need temporary extra storage space when you move.  This is true even if you do have enough space to store all of your furniture and items in your new residence. The long and complex unpacking process makes this a bitter reality.  You’ll need to rent extra storage space. Since finding enough good storage space is a difficult and complex process, you are actually better off reaching out to your mover for this need.  You’ll need to negotiate with them to get them to bring their price down, or to get the most quality storage space for your money.

When you hire your moving company, you want to ask the workers if they have any extra storage space for rent. You then want to ask them if they offer any overall discounts if you rent storage space from them.

You need good negotiation skills if you are moving a long distance

 Moving from one local town or suburb to another is a lot less complex and a lot easier than moving from New York to California.  You will need to negotiate with your moving company when you are moving a long distance.  One tried and true negotiation technique is to move during the off season.  You’ll have more workers working to help you and you’ll be able to negotiate an amazingly low price.  Remember that experience and good communications skills are vital in terms of negotiating the best price for services offered with moving companies.

Determine your budget before hand

 You need to determine your budget beforehand to establish a monetary ceiling in terms of the total price you are willing to pay a moving company.  It helps if you communicate your needs.  For example, if you are going to be moving a long distance and you need to move many items at once, you will need to negotiate a discount.  Always check the reputation of a particular moving company before you call for an initial quote.  Genuine moving companies will always have good recommendations.  You will be able to negotiate the best deal possible with them.  The movers will be more likely to accede because they will see you as a reliable and genuine customer who is responsible with money.  However, reject moving companies that offer very low quotes.  They tend to be scams.

There is no magic in negotiating with movers

 There is no ‘secret sauce’ in terms of negotiating with movers.  You’ll get discounts only when you ask for them.  You will get the best quotes and rates if you do your homework on a particular moving company before talking with their reps.  You do the following in order to do that:

  • Research many moving companies and their rates
  • Don’t contact companies offering very low rates
  • Flexibility and having an open mind for suggestions is vital
  • Ask for discounts
  • Arrange for storage in advance and try to move during the off-season
  • Communicate and be willing to compromise

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Thomas Clarence
Thomas Clarence
1 year ago

I like how you mentioned that it is possible to get discounts when you ask for them when hiring a moving company. I would think that it would be a good idea to ask for a discount during the initial negotiations. It seems like you would want to get the price set in stone before any work begins.

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