If you are preparing to move, you are probably worried about finding a good, reputable Los Angeles moving company. After all, this is your whole life in boxes we're talking about.

How do you go about doing that? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Get a personal recommendation from a friend who has moved recently.
  • If you don't have any friends or family members who can provide a referral of a good moving company, ask the moving companies you are considering to provide you with references of previous customers.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the company you are considering.
  • Get a written estimate from the moving company before hiring them. This is important to protect yourself. Verbal estimates are non-binding. There is nothing to stop the movers from getting all of your items packed into the truck, charging you double or triple the verbal estimate they gave you, and hold your possessions hostage until you cough up the extra cash.
  • Have the moving company come to your space and look at the physical items you intend to move. This is the only way to get a reliable and accurate estimate. Do not allow a company to do a price over the phone for you. This is often a sign of a rogue moving company.
  • Check the CPUC website (California Public Utilities Commission, for your company. The CPUC registers moving companies. Yours should be on file with them.
  • Make sure the company does not subcontract out their moves. You want a company who personally does their own work.

Red Flags

  • If the company asks you for a cash deposit or a large deposit prior to your move, be wary. $50-$100 credit card deposit is customary.
  • If they show up with a rental truck on moving day, you should be concerned.
  • When you call the company, someone should answer with the name of the company itself. Someone should answer the phone with "Hello, this is Help You Move Movers," not just by saying, "Movers." If not, find another company.
  • If there is no local addresses on their website, avoid the company.
  • When you check out the company's website, you should see information regarding insurance and licensing.
  • If the company does not offer to come to your place to see what you're moving, you could be in trouble. Low-ball estimates done verbally are a very red flag. If someone gives you a too-good-to-be true quote without even looking at your belongings, it is probably a scam. Be wary of so-called $59/hr cheap movers. Such moving companies usually offset their low hourly rates by nickel and diming customers with hidden fees.
  • If the moving company doesn't ask about the delivery location layout. For instance, "are there stairs or an elevator?" you should be concerned.
  • If your gut says something is up, it probably is.
  • Don't look for generic Google searches such as "Best Moving Company in Los Angeles". Read the results carefully to filter the paid advertising and compare actual company rating on credible online directories such as Yelp.

Your belongings have sentimental value, not to mention a purchase price. Don't end up a moving horror story. Fully check out the company you are thinking of hiring. Take the time to find the right company now and avoid headaches and heartbreaks on moving day.


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Why Fastruck Moving?

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