How to Plan and Execute a Move?

Relocating to the next city or across the country requires planning in advance and still it can be a stressful situation. Nobody likes to do it and that is where reputed movers step in. To start with, it helps to plan your move early and the best way is to start decluttering your house. You can donate some things, throw away the things that you do not need and if you have a lot of things, it is best to sort through it and have a yard sale.

Planning a move

If you want to relocate during September to April, which is officially the off-season, you will be able to get a better price. You will need to find a mover that has flexible pickup and delivery schedule. While if you have to move in summer, which is the busiest season to move, try to do it in the middle of the month or week as the end of month and weekends are very busy. This can help you save a little more on the move.

Finding the right mover

Though there are hundreds of moving services that are members of American Moving & Storage Association, you may need to see which company suits your budget and requirements. However, all of the members of AMSA have cleared government mandated background screening and are listed in Better Business Bureau in California. Thus, when you are looking for movers that have honest and ethical business practices, look for certifications and licenses.

Packing properly

Once you have sorted out all your things, it is time to get the rest of your stuff packed. It is essential to get durable boxes that can take the weight of the goods in it. Use bubble wrap when you have fragile items to transport. Proper packing will ensure that nothing gets damaged during the transit period. It is essential to label the boxes properly so that when you unpack, there is no problem in finding things. Keep all important documents, medical records and identification records separately by keeping a separate box for it. You might want to carry it with you when you leave.

Choosing the method to move

Another Key consideration is your chosen method of moving. You will need to decide whether you want to pack and move in your own vehicle, and drive to your new home or rent a moving truck. But you may have to make multiple trips especially if you have a lot of furniture or lots of big boxes. Another option is hiring professional Glendale Movers to pack and move everything in one trip. This is the easiest option as you don’t have to plan or execute the move but they will do it all. It is best to compare and save to get the best prices and deals when hiring professional movers.

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