Important Tips for Summer Moving

It’s estimated that more than 40 million people move every year in the United States and nearly 80 percent of those moves take place from April to September with the vast majority taking place during the summer months. Although weather factors in, most people with school-age children simply don’t want to relocate during the school year.

Because summer is the most popular time to move, there are certain challenges that you may encounter when attempting a move during June, July and August. As professional Northridge movers, we have come up with some specific things you can do to make your summer move as stress-free as possible.

Research Movers Thoroughly

Summer is a time when many amateur movers come out of the woodwork. Research your movers carefully to ensure that you will get professionals that won’t rip you off. If a mover quotes a price that seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Book Your Move in Advance

Because summer months book up quickly, the longer you wait, the less availability your a good mover will have for your preferred time slot. The best movers in Northridge will fill their schedule weeks or even months in advance during the summer. If you can, schedule your move at least 8 weeks in advance if you plan on moving during the summer months.

Rates May be Higher

As is always the case with supply and demand, you may see moving rates that are higher during the summer months. If you wait to move at a different time of year, you may pay less.

Pick the Least Busy Days

The beginning and end of the month and weekends are the busiest time for moving. Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in July tend to be particularly busy. If you can, schedule your move for mid-week to get the best schedule and best prices.

Consider the Weather

Moving during the summer comes with its own disadvantages. Start early in the day and remember to keep plenty of fluids on hand to stay hydrated. Make sure you’ve set up your utilities to ensure that you have electricity in both places as you move so you have the benefit of air conditioning when you need it most.

Consider the Melting Factor

Certain things don’t do well in a hot moving truck. Candles, some plastics, computer equipment or other sensitive devices should not spend a lot of time in the back of a hot moving truck. Consider taking these things separately.

Have a Cool Place for Perishables and Prescription Drugs

If you’re moving perishable items, take care that you are keeping them cool during the move. Keep your prescriptions cool and in a handy place nearby.

Protect Kids and Pets

Make sure to take extra precautions when you are moving during the hot summer months with children and pets. Make sure they have plenty of water and that children are wearing adequate sunscreen. Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and never leave your children or pets in a hot car unattended, not even for a few minutes.

If you are looking for Northridge movers that are consummate professionals and will take care of your important belongings, we would be glad to help. Contact Fastruck Moving today for a free quote.

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