Important Tips to De-Stress Your Moving Experience

Stress related to moving

Life is stressful enough. But relocating that life can compound that stress in a myriad of ways. Luckily, there are a few ways you can cut down on that stress so your big moving day won’t be quite so overwhelming. Here are a few important tips from your local professional Glendale movers.

Purge Your Stuff

Despite the big minimalist movement, many of us hold on to our “stuff” long past its usefulness. When it comes to moving, getting rid of this superfluous stuff just makes sense.

Before you begin to pack, purge. You may have already done this if you were staging your home to put it on the market but if not, this is the time to declutter and get rid of those things you haven’t used for a while or items that you have saved because they might come in handy “someday”.

Get Organized

Moving is a huge undertaking and it may be tempting to just throw things into boxes but when you get to your new destination, you will be glad for any organization that you implemented at the forefront.

Give yourself plenty of time and don’t begin without a plan. Maintain a schedule of tasks that need to be completed so you have plenty of cushion to allow for unexpected incidents. If you see that you are being boxed into a timeline that doesn’t work for you, make plans for that in advance.


Make sure you have plenty of moving boxes and packaging materials on hand. Consider what you will need to not only pack boxes but also how you will protect your larger pieces of furniture.

If you are using a professional mover in Glendale, they will carefully cover and wrap all pieces of furniture in moving blankets and plastic wrap. If you are moving yourself, you should take the time to either rent moving blankets or purchase them and understand how to protect your large pieces from being damaged.

Packing can be less stressful if you set aside the things you will need until the very end and then pack everything else, going from room to room. These last-minute items should be kept to a minimum that can be packed up easily in a small box or suitcase at the end.

Label the boxes as clearly and concisely as possible by room and contents. Labeling a box on each side helps to avoid having to maneuver boxes around to read the label if they are stacked up against each other.

Flexibility is Key

Although organization and scheduling are important, there will always be those things that don’t go as planned. Maintaining a flexible attitude can help with stress overload.

Get Professional Help

Taking a DIY approach to moving often seems like a good idea in the beginning. Then it can quickly feel like a bad idea once reality sets in. Moving is stressful and difficult in the best of cases.

Professional movers in Glendale do this day in and day out. They know the proper way to pack and get important belongings from point A to point B without damage. Getting the help of a professional can be the biggest way to reduce your moving stress there is. Let us help. Fastruck Moving (323) 849-0022

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