Is It Better If You Move Yourself or If You Hire Professional Packers?

Stress related to moving

According to information provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves about 12 times in his or her life.  They move for many reasons, whether it’s changing jobs or the desire to experience life in a new city.  However, moving can involve many emotions including joy, stress, challenges, and saying, “good bye” to your old neighbors and, “Hello” to your new neighbors.  When you move, you have to figure out if you will do the packing process yourself or if you will hire professional packers to do the job.  There is no one specific answer to that issue.  It depends on many factors.

Some questions to ask when deciding who to use for packing

 You need ask the following questions when you are deciding whether to move yourself or whether to hire professional Glendale Movers to do the job:

  • How much time can you spend on the relocation process?
  • What is your moving budget?
  • How difficult is it for you to relocate?
  • What distance will you transport your property?
  • How much property do you have?
  • Do you have friends who can help you?
  • Can you easily find the necessary moving equipment?

The difference between hiring professional movers and moving yourself

 If you hire professional movers to move for you, you’re making a strategic decision that will take much of the stress of moving off of your shoulders.  Most professional movers offer a variety of moving services including packing, unloading, and loading, and assistance in finding a new house.

Relocation time

If you move with the professionals, you’ll definitely cut down on your moving time.  This is because these professionals can use their knowledge and experience of moving to formulate a well-thought out moving plan that will make moving a quick cinch.  They are adept at taping boxes, boxing items, loading boxes, and managing bulky items.

If you try to move yourself, you may end up wasting substantial amounts of money and time because of lack of knowledge or experience of the moving process.  If you have money and time to burn, this may be acceptable.  However, you need to hire professional movers if you live in South Carolina and need to relocate to Texas for a new job within 3 working days!


Packing companies will provide you with quotes that are based on your total relocation distance, when you move, and the number of people you hire for the moving job.  You will need to research different packing companies and obtain individual quotes to pick the best company for you.  You will need to compare these quotes with the cost of moving yourself if you want to decide the best method of moving for yourself.

Relocation complexity

The distance you are relocating to plays a vital role in deciding if you will hire professional packers.  For example, you will need to hire professional packers to get the job done right if you are moving across many states.  It may be better to move yourself if you are just moving down the street.

Movers v.s. Friends

Moving with the help of friends may sound tempting, after all your friends won’t charge much if anything.  However, they are not professionals who are trained experts in the moving process.  Professional movers may charge more, but they have the right equipment, they will show up on time, and they will move your items in an efficient and quick manner while maintaining their integrity.  The same can’t be said of your friends.

Equipment for the move

Make sure you have all the equipment and accessories that are needed ready on the ‘big moving day!’  the professionals will take care of all of this and more if you hire them.  However, you will have to plan for all of this yourself if you do the moving yourself.

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