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Few days ago Fastruck Moving Branch of Los Angeles finished a large commercial relocation project. A team of our professional relocation specialists leaded by experienced moving consultants moved the diplomatic organization that occupied an entire floor of commercial building. We have obtained this order, after many days of negotiation and discussion with the prospective customers, competing with many other moving companies in the region.

How the large commercial moves are organized?

As noted above, every move begins with the estimate. Our estimator assessed the amount of office furniture, office machines, and other items, investigated elevator and walking distance arrangements. We also checked the accessibility of parking and docking areas in both buildings. Upon careful calculations and considerations the estimate was presented and approved by the customers. To note, a move of this scale, took several weeks of planning and preparation.

After the initial approval of the budget, preliminary plan was discussed with customers. Floor plans were obtained and reviewed, and the moving days were selected. Additionally, per customer request informational banners were designed and printed to inform the public regarding the upcoming move. Finally, insurance requirements were brought up, and fulfilled in accordance with leasing company requirements.

The move itself was very well organized, thanks to the outstanding planning both by our specialists and the customer’s planning coordinator. It took a total of 350 men hours and 21 truck-loads to finish the move of this size. In order to maximize the efficiency of this office move, we utilized large amount of super-sized commercial bins – SpeedPacks. These special boxes can hold a content of one cubicle, which allows keeping each workstation organized. All items were labeled in accordance with the plan: entire office was divided into areas in both origin and destination addresses. On the last 2 days of the move, our movers transported few truck-loads to the allocated storage facilities, and 2 trucks of refuse office furniture to the city recycling center.

Unexpected situations and solutions

As you can imagine, despite careful planning and organization, problems occur and we have to solve them. In this particular move, several minor situations presented some complications, but quickly resolved. For example, the leasing management both at the origin and destination addresses, had docking area hours of operation restriction, which necessitated re-planning of entire move. Next, the building at the loading point had a tiny cargo elevator which was allocated to the movers. It was essentially a regular cab with carpeted walls. Moreover, this elevator stalled several times halting entire operation for long time. At the time of elevator downtime, movers were still working relentlessly – carrying and preparing the items to the elevator area. Another problem that we have encountered, was the fact that rented facilities for storage were smaller than planned, and required maximal utilization of the space. But our professional Los Angeles office movers were able to stack the items In a Tetris fashion to achieve the maximum efficiency.

Type of move: Office move/Commercial move
Location:Los Angeles, 90010.
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