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As one of the leading Los Angeles moving companies, we know what it takes to move families and companies down the street, across the county, or out of state. We like to think of our company as the ideal solution for moving people cost-effectively, efficiently, and safely. But many individuals are not aware of what to look for when choosing the right moving Los Angeles service to handle their business or household belongings. If you are going to make the right decision, here are a few things you need to consider.

Do your homework first – it’s important to remember that no two Los Angeles moving companies are ever the same. So you don’t want to just choose the first one you find in your local area Yellow Pages or the first company listed on the Google search engine pages. Make a list of several (5 or 6) and start investigating each company. Check their social media pages as well to see what their followers have said about them. (IMPORTANT NOTE: some companies will use the AMSA [American Moving and Storage Association] or BBB [Better Business Bureau] logos when in fact they are not members of either.)

Decide between a local or national moving company – if you’re moving locally within the greater Los Angeles area, or Los Angeles County, you would think that choosing a local company is best. However, although national companies are the better choice for moving out of state, they typically have better reputations for handling local moves, because they are recognized on a national scale.

Find a moving company with the proper licensing – licensing along with other requirements of any moving company are going to vary based on the type of move that is being made. If you are moving within the state of California, their licenses will be different from those required for out-of-state moving projects.

Get written estimates from each company – don’t hesitate to ask company representatives for a written estimate before they leave your home or office. They will have to come to you in order to provide you with one, since by law, they cannot give estimates over the phone. Make sure everything that you want moved from your business or residence is included in each of your written estimates. Discuss with them about any additional costs that are applicable.

Have a list of questions to ask each company representative – You may have questions about different aspects of the move, and how the moving company can be of assistance. It is best to go ahead and ask a lot of the important questions. Here are some questions you may wish to ask:

  • Can you guarantee my delivery date?
  • Do you have a dispute settlement program?
  • Do you hire day or temporary laborers?
  • Do you transfer my belongings and property to other moving companies or crews?
  • Have you done background checks on your employees?
  • How long have you been in business?

Make sure that they have sufficient liability insurance coverage – granted, the moving in Los Angeles service that you choose is liable for your belongings while they are being handled and transported by that company’s employees. Just be aware that there are different liability levels that are offered by insurers. In this case, “liability” equates with “valuation”, so find out which level applies where your move is concerned.

The bottom line is that you want to make a well-informed decision before you hire one of the many Los Angeles moving companies that are out there. That way you’ll be confident about the choice you have made. Never let a company’s rates be the determining factor when you are trying to make your decision. Moving your household or company from Point A to Point B is going to be stressful enough. So if you choose the wrong movers for the job, your relocation could easily turn out to be a nightmare.

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