Movers: Does the size matter?

The common stereotype revolving around the moving industry is that the typical mover has to be a "gorilla" sized human being. How true is it in a real life? Well, during the years of operating our Los Angeles Moving Company, we trained and employed numerous movers and made certain conclusions based on our observations. In this post we would like to present brief summary of our findings, but we will let you decide which movers you would like to have on your side.
XL Movers

Being XL sized Man has indisputable benefit of possessing great physical strength. While moving boxes, boxy furniture, small and loose items does not require extraordinary force - moving larger items such as pianos, pool tables, gun safes, etc. definitely requires a person with great amount of muscles. Additionally, movers that are on a larger side of physical complexion naturally instill trust into the moving companies' customers. On the other hand, XL sized movers frequently possess less endurance for completion of longer jobs that require frequent bending, sitting, lifting, and walking. Additionally, it is a possibility that some of the bigger movers may have sub-clinical heart conditions, which coupled with heavy loads and extreme Los Angeles heat wave, decrease their physical ability to move fast.

Below XL Movers

Movers that wear M-sized and L-sized shirts might not look as credible as their bigger crewmen, but nonetheless should not be considered less productive team members. When it comes to professional moving, skills and proper assisting devices play a much more important role than just muscles alone. We have seen many scenarios where smaller sized movers where able to successfully handle items such as pianos, gun safes and heavy furniture pieces with assistance of dollies and hand trucks. Moreover, as noted in previous paragraph, often these movers have more endurance and physical fitness than their larger framed co-workers.

Final notes

Fastruck Moving is committed to equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate based on physical differences. The basic requirements to become a trainee are ability to lift items up to 50lbs and willingness to learn correct body mechanics and moving techniques. A crew consisted of movers wearing medium and large sized t-shirts can be more efficient than crews with only XL-sized uniform. Our Los Angeles movers combine all necessary qualifications to provide quality moving services regardless of their size.

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