Moving a 4-Bedroom House in Valencia with 2 Movers

Santa Clarita is one of the biggest service areas of Fastruck Moving Company. We move hundreds of customers monthly only in Valencia and Stevenson Ranch alone on a monthly basis. Being predominantly a residential area - City of Santa Clarita is a dream destination of many families that are ready to settle down and raise the family. There are several beautiful and modern housing communities, multiple new apartment complexes in this dynamically developing part of Los Angeles.

Today’s post will discuss the recent move in the Valencia, and the importance of our recommendations in regards to your upcoming move. After numerous moves in Valencia and Stevenson Ranch areas, we made our observations of this community. Houses tend to be large and at frequently multi-level. Also, we have noted that after living in this houses for several years, families tend to accumulate many household items, which are rare in other parts of Los Angeles (e.g. Hollywood, Silverlake, Sherman Oaks, etc.). Moreover, there are frequently garages and storage areas filled up with more items, in addition to furniture in the house. Therefore, when our experienced booking agents are contacted regarding a house moving quote, we recommend at least 3 movers for any residence that has more than 2 bedrooms. However, at times, customers are adamant to hire only 2 movers, despite our recommendations.

Today, we have serviced a customer with a 4-bedroom house, who decided to hire 2 Valencia movers and a 26’ truck to perform the relocation. This particular client communicated many details, and informed us all smaller items will be moved by owners, and only the furniture pieces will need to be relocated. Our professional Santa Clarita movers arrived on time, and were able to move the household in 7 hours. But, would the customer order 3, or even 4 Santa Clarita movers, this move would have been much more efficient, and at the same time cheaper. The reasoning behind this math is simple. When it comes to 4-Bedroom houses, there frequently several bed frames, that have to be disassembled, few accent bedroom pieces, dining table with 6 or 8 chairs, refrigerator (s), appliances, couches and sofas. 3 movers can work much more efficiently when it comes to moves like this, even without minor items present. Therefore, it extremely important to try to work with our recommendations, even though they might look like a sale pitch for you. At the end the savings will be evident, and the moving process will be much faster.

To summarize, we would like to outline our basic recommendations in regards to how many movers you will need to move in Valencia:

  • For singles, partial moves, 1-bedroom and minimalistic 2-bedroom apartments we generally provide 2-Movers and a 20 feet truck.
  • For regular 2-Bedroom, 3-Bedroom apartments we recommend ordering 3 movers and a 24, or 26 feet truck.
  • For 3 and 4-bedroom houses and town-homes we strongly suggest going with 4-movers and at least 26 feet truck.

We strive to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction, and can assure you that this recommendations are made only with one thing in mind – to provide excellent moving services, efficiently, and at affordable rates.

Type of move: Residential, 4-Bedroom House Moving.
Location: Valencia, 91355.
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