Moving in Agoura Hills and Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes

Fastruck Moving serviced a relatively large residence in Agoura Hills, in the last month. Our professional movers relocated a family of 6 from Agoura Hills, CA to Pasadena, CA. The residence was a beautiful 2 level house with modern furniture sets, and notably humongous walk-in closets. This is where wardrobe boxes came in handy. Fastruck Moving includes wardrobe boxes with any move. For smaller moves, such as partials, singles, and 1-bedrooms, we include 4 wardrobe boxes. For larger moves we include 6-8 wardrobe boxes, and can always increase the number of them based on the customer needs. For this particular moving from Agoura Hills, our Pasadena movers used a total of 21 moving wardrobe boxes. Below we will describe what the wardrobe boxes are, and how they are used in moving industry.

Essentially, wardrobe boxes are specially designed vertical cartons with the metal hanging bar installed to hang the clothes. They come flat as any cardboard box, and easily transportable in large amount inside the moving truck. After our professional Agoura Hills movers assemble them, they can hold up to 15 adult sized hangers with clothes in each box. Wardrobe boxes protect clothes from soiling and wrinkling and keep your closets as organized as before the move. Wardrobe boxes have convenient holes to carry them, or can be easily transported by using a hand-truck. Moreover, wardrobe boxes are designed to stack inside the standard moving truck, thus saving time and space. Finally, wardrobe boxes are frequently used by families to store the winter/seasonal clothes.

Type of move: Local residential, 4-bedroom house
Location: Agoura Hills, 91301
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