Moving into Allegro Apartments in Valley Village

Furniture hoisting

On 12/15/2014 Fastruck Moving serviced a customer who was moving into the Allegro Apartments, located at 11945 Magnolia Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607. Our Valley Village Movers served the residents of this particular apartment complex numerous times, and made several observations of the layout. Although the building is modern, attractive, and rich in amnesties and features, there couple of significant drawbacks from the perspective of moving company that serves Valley Village, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks residents. First, there are no cargo elevators, but rather regular elevators with average ceiling height. Second, the stairs leading to upper units are fairly complex and not easily accessible. And last, the hallways are very long with no easy accesses. All of these factors play a big role in the duration moving services rendered by our Valley Village movers.

Fastruck Moving, Valley Village Branch was contacted by a soon to become a resident of Allegro Apartments, named S.V. She was being moved into the residence by unrelated movers, who were not able to get her bulky sofa to the second floor through any of the staircases. Fortunately for her, her father contacted Fastruck Moving Valley Village, and requested a team of professional movers to assist with the sofa. The crew of 4 movers arrived few minutes, due to our immediate proximity to the client's residence, and after careful measuring deemed that sofa will need to be hoisted on cargo straps. Within the next 10 minutes, sofa was strapped in the "X" pattern and hoisted through the common balcony area to the second level. The entire job took less than 15 minutes to complete, and the customer graciously left a positive feedback on our Yelp page.

If you ever need to move to or from Valley Village, or surrounding areas such as Studio City, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, etc. don't let the amateurs handle your valuable furniture. Let the expert and local Valley Village movers take care of all your moving needs!

Type of move: Local residential, piece moving
Location: Valley Village, 91607.
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