Moving an antique piano in Beverly Hills

Piano movers

We have received a request to move an unusual item. Although Fastruck Movers of Beverly Hills are experienced in moving pianos, this particular piano was different from modern types such as grand pianos, uptight pianos, or spinets. It was an antique square piano that needed to moved locally. This move had couple of aspect that posed some difficulties for the movers. Due to extruded ornaments, piano had no firm grip points. The second aspect, was the weight of the piano. The owner estimated the weight of this beautiful musical instrument at 1,000-1,100 lbs, which is significantly heavier than regular modern pianos.

Despite the aspects described above, our Beverly Hills movers handled the move with an aplomb as usually. Piano was packed according to our Beverly Hills Moving Company standards: all moving parts were removed and separately wrapped. The body of the piano was wrapped as well. Rear legs were removed, and piano was carefully lowered on a piano skid board. Afterwards it was secured with the straps and transferred on a 4 wheel dolly and delivered to the truck. When our piano movers arrived to the destination address in Beverly Hills, piano was unloaded, reverse engineered and placed to the customer's desired location in the house. If you ever need piano movers in Beverly Hills, or any type of local moving and long distance moving give Fastruck Moving a call. We will provide a free complimentary visual estimate if requested.

Type of move: Local residential, Piano Moving.
Location: Beverly Hills, 90210.
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