Moving Cost: All-Inclusive Rates vs. Flat-Rates vs. Add-On Rates

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Most of the Los Angeles moving companies can be categorized based on their pricing system. The main three types of pricing systems are all-inclusive hourly rates, flat-rates, and services utilizing add-on pricing.In this post we will briefly describe each of the approach and conduct a comparative analysis.

All-inclusive hourly rates

By far, the easiest and safest method of charging for moving services is the hourly rate which includes all necessary supplies, mileage, fuel and other expenses. Keep in mind that the meaning of "all-inclusive" term may vary in what is actually included in the hourly rate. For example, Our Moving Company in Los Angeles chose to include all important supplies, such as tape, shrink wrap, and wardrobe boxes with each move. Also, we include the cost of moving equipment such as moving pads, straps, tools, fuel, mileage, etc, thus inflating the final moving cost. Some other LA moving companies may offer moving boxes for free, and even bubble wrap and packing paper. While, Fastruck Moving does not include these items in our low hourly rate, we can always offer them for purchase if needed.

Flat-Rate Pricing System

Generally, our LA moving company does not provide flat-rate estimates, unless moves are interstate. For local moves, there are too many variables that are hard to be taken into consideration on a short notice. Aspects, such as amount of furniture, presence of stairs, walking distance, type of furniture may directly influence the workload and the duration of the moves. Therefore, we do not extend flat-rate estimates unless specifically requested, and only after a through visual estimate. Flat-Rate moving packages are the best option for interstate and long-distance moving orders and composed on the do-not-exceed basis.

Add-On Pricing Approach

The last pricing model that we would like to discuss are the offers that segregate the moving labor from other aspects of the entire moving process. For example, you may be quoted a super-low hourly rate ($59/hr for example), but the moving company of your choice may impose additional charges such as truck and mileage fees, packing supplies fees, stairs and long-walking fees, taxes, etc. Technically, this is a classic bait and switch approach that many rogue movers in Los Angeles utilize in order to maximize their profit. Said that, it is totally up to the customers to select the moving company that utilizes this type of pricing model, as long as all additional fees are discussed beforehand. Fastruck Moving lowers the hourly rates to stay on par with competition in off season months, but always discloses any additional fees if applicable.


From our extensive experience in moving industry we came to the conclusion that the safest and more-or-less predictable pricing model for local moves are the all-inclusive hourly rates. The only variables in this case are the length of move, and the driving distance. Next on the list, are the flat-rate estimates, which also provide more control to the customer, but usually resorted for long-distance moving and larger residential moves. The last, less predictable, and more dangerous style of moving companies pricing is the add-on approach, which you may want to avoid.

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