Moving in Pasadena

Moving in Pasadena

Planning Your Pasadena Move

One of our primary service areas for local moving orders is Pasadena, and surrounding neighborhoods such as Alhambra, Altadena, San Marino, Arcadia, Monrovia, La Cañada, etc. We know the areas very well, and would like to describe couple of caveats in regards to either local or long distance moves in Pasadena.

First point of caution is the presence of low bridges throughout the I-110 freeway. As you probably already know there weight and height restrictions on this highway all the way from Downtown LA to Pasadena. Therefore, moving trucks cannot and will not take this route even if it’s fastest route to your destination. Taking I-110 on a moving truck can result in severe damages to the moving truck and your furniture, poses a danger to other motorists, and will result in financial penalties from California Highway Patrol. Instead, our Pasadena Movers will take alternate routes, such as as I-134, or I-605 to get to your destination.

Another point of caution are the difficult driveways that a frequently encountered by our movers in Pasadena houses. Please let our moving company know ahead of time if you have driveways lined up with low tree branches or difficult turns. We will send a smaller truck to expedite the moving by parking right in front of your house, as opposed to on the street

In conclusion we would like to repeat that it is important for both the movers and the client to communicate the details of the move so complications and inefficiency would be avoided. Please let us know if you have narrow driveways, or low tree branches in your yard.

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