Moving from Valencia to Newport Beach and double-drive time

Double Drive Time

Today, one of our trucks headed to Valencia, in Santa Clarita City. We have decided to describe this move because it can serve as a good example for explanation of double drive time rule. It was relatively small job, involving packing and moving a 1-bedroom apartment from Newhall Ranch to Newport Beach, with a second pick up en route in Irvine. Loading part was relatively fast - slightly over 2 hours. However, the driving time was estimated to be 1.5 hours by Google maps (approximately 80 miles). This is a very important aspect of semi-long distance moves in Los Angeles, and State of California in general. California Public Utilities Commission authorized licensed moving companies to charge double the driving time for local moves, and this is a perfect situation to explain why we charge it. First, we would like to comment, that when it comes to any move that has a driving distance more than 10 miles, our booking agents diligently explain that double the driving time will be assessed in their case due to the longer driving time. To make the thing easier let us explain some aspects that our movers face in moves like this. This particular crew arrived from our warehouse to the loading point in Valencia in 20 minutes. They drove for 1.5 hours to Newport Beach, and it took them more then 2 hours to beat the traffic on their way back to Valley Village. So, the total driving time was almost 4 hours! Understandably, some customers would rather not agree with the double drive fee in such cases, but please try to look at the situation from the perspective of movers that service you. Ultimately, the double drive fee in this situation was only total of 3 hours, although the total driving time was 4 hours. We hope that this explanation makes sense, but if it does not, please give us a call and we will provide more details.

Now, let us finish the move: Upon arrival to Irvine our professional movers quickly loaded additional couches from the store and drove to final destination in Newport Beach. At the unloading point, there was another non-standard situation: the new unit was located on the 4th floor of the multi level apartment complex, and total walking distance from the truck to the apartment was more than 500 feet. Although, CPUC authorizes licensed movers to charge long-carry fee our Valencia moving company chose not to impose this fee on our customers. The unloading took about 2 hours total, and finally movers left back to Los Angeles. To summarize: The customers were somewhat surprised by the double-drive-time, however after a reminder that they were explained the rationale for that, both in our emails communication and over the telephone, agreed with the reasonableness of it, and tipped the movers generously!

Type of move: Local residential, 1-Bedroom Apartment.
Location: Valencia, 91355; Santa Clarita, Newport Beach, 92661.
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