Moving Viking refrigerator from Ventura to Calabasas

Sub Zero refrigerator movers

Fastruck Moving Company is one of the few companies in Los Angeles that offers transportation of extra heavy and over-sized appliances manufactured by Viking and Sub-Zero & Wolf. Unlike many other local movers in Los Angeles we have trained several of our crews to perform such moves safely and efficiently. Additionally we have purchased specialty motorized dollies to minimize bodily injuries related to lifting heavy appliances.

Our recent job required transportation of two 48” Viking refrigerators. One of the units was moved from Moorpark, CA to Ventura and delivered to the condo located on 3rd floor of a condominium complex. The second part of the project was to deliver a malfunctioning unit from the condo to Calabasas, CA. The challenging part of the project was that both of the refrigerators had to be transported across a parking lot with low ceiling clearance. Moreover, the stairwells were not wide enough to manipulate the stair-climbing appliance dolly manufactured by Escalera, and movers had to use the passenger elevator which had low clearance as well. All these factors required multiple maneuvers and thus presented certain difficulties to the moving crew.

The good part of the story is that the Stair-Cat dollies that we use for transportation of appliances had additional accessories, such as retractable load support, wide toe-plate attachment, and upper swivel casters to maximize safety. The retractable load support allows movers to safely transport large appliances under 45 degree angle – with zero load onto movers hands. Wide toe+plate attachment is in fact required for Vikings and Sub-Zeroes, as these appliances are wide and therefore narrow dollies can damage delicate components. And finally upper swivel casters allow the dolly to be laid down and transported in a fashion of 4-wheel dolly, bypassing low ceiling situations.

To summarize, we would like to reiterate that moving extra-large appliances requires several requirements to be met: professionally trained movers, professional equipment, and adequately sized vehicle. Do not order movers that have no expertise in moving Sub-Zeroes or Viking to avoid damages to appliances, walls and even physical injuries.

Type of move: local residential moves, appliance move
Moving from: Ventura, 93001
Moving to: Calabasas, 91302
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