Objects that Prove a Challenge to Move

Moving companies do not transport every item that could be in a home or smaller residence. Anyone that plans to move should know what items will not be transported by the average moving company.

Larger items that moving companies refuse to transport

Heirlooms such as antiques: For instance, Pasadena Movers would not agree to handle an old sewing machine, one that relied on the movement of a pedal. By the same token, if you have an old grandfather’s clock, do not assume that a moving company will agree to transport it, along with the other items.

Not all heirlooms are large; jewelry is rather small. Valuable items should be treated differently, when it comes time to move.  The moving company is not liable for damage to, or loss of an item.

High value items, such as paintings: There are some moving companies that will handle such items. Those same companies move extra-large pieces, such as a baby grand piano.

Powerful equipment, such as a snow blower or a tractor: Any item of that nature must have all of the fuel drained out of it, before it can be moved safely.

Corrosives and flammable items, including batteries that contain acid, paint remover and charcoal

Hazardous items: That would include fire extinguishers and aerosol cans

Smaller items that do not get transported in a moving van

Plants: Moving companies do not handle those, because they do not want to become responsible for carrying pests from one spot to another location. Furthermore, it is illegal to remove an item from the yard of a home after it has been sold.

Pets: If you have older children, ask their help with arranging for the transportation of a pet. If you have smaller children, try to convince them that their pet would not enjoy whatever ride it might need to take. See if they can find another home for that animal.

Perishable foods: Give some thought to the first meal or 2 in your new home. Concentrate on using canned foods or packaged foods. Be ready to carry any perishable foodstuffs with you, as you travel to your next home.

A hint for families with young children

If you are moving into a home with a yard, you can easily carry a packet of seeds to that location. Consider planting radishes, or some other vegetable. Have your children start growing something that they might eat in the future.

That is a good way to show the extent to which you value foods that contain fiber. In addition, it keeps small children busy, while you start to unpack. Meanwhile, you can let them enjoy foods that do not contain a great deal of fiber.

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