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Office cubicle movers

Fastruck Moving Company is proud to deliver of commercial and office relocation services to the businesses in Greater Los Angeles. When it comes to office moving, planning is the key to a smooth relocation with minimal interruption in your operations routine. Recently Fastruck Moving performed a relocation of a financial office in the heart of Downtown LA, and we decided to share some aspects of this move. This particular office occupied about 15,000 sq.ft of space, was located on the 7th floor and involved many workstations, and cubicles. 3 Vehicles and 9 professional office movers were involved in the moving process.

For this move, we provided boxes and labels a week ahead of the actual move, so the employees could pack their minor items, plants, pictures, and other supplies. Further we brought huge commercial relocation bins to dedicate to each cubicle. Each workstation was placed in individual bin, to keep things organized an labeled. Then each cubicle was labeled with the occupant name, and location in the new and old offices. Cubicles were disassembled and carefully loaded into the truck. On a special note - we had to use a lot of power tools, so make sure to keep your drills charged. The entire move, took 7 trips from the old office to the new, of which 1 was to the recycling facility to discard refuse items. If you ever need office movers in Los Angeles, don't hesitate to call the true experts - Fastruck Moving Company!

Type of move: Commercial, Office Moving.
Location: Downtown Los Angeles, 90014.
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