Partial Move in West Hollywood and Bulky Furniture

Hello our dear visitors. Today we will describe a small, but interesting move from West Hollywood to Burbank. We received a simple partial 1-Bedroom move request and confirmed a moving reservation after a short telephone conversation. Although, our helpful booking agent asks many details over the phone, the fact that the client had relatively bulky furniture fell through the cracks. And this is a very important aspect of a local move, because Fastruck Moving sends out trucks of different sizes depending on the move size. For example, 17’ moving trucks are traditionally allocated to serve studios, 1-Bedroom apartments, and partial moves, while 24’ and 26’ trucks are reserved for larger jobs. It is vital to provide all details to the booking specialist, in regards to the weight and size of the furniture pieces, so we could send out adequately sized vehicle and appropriate number of movers in order to finish the service efficiently and safely. As you can see on the accompanying images, the customer in this case had over-sized furniture pieces, which were not possible to take apart. As a result a small 17’ truck filled up rather fast, and we had to travel twice to pick up remaining of the items. To conclude we would like to re-iterate that disclosure of all details regarding your move is an important aspect of communication and subsequently influences outcomes of move.

Type of move: Local residential, 1-bedroom apartment
Location:West Hollywood, 90069.
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