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Piano movers

Fastruck Movers had a busy day this Saturday. One of our crews had to accomplish 4 moves today. 1st order was to move a 2-bedroom house in Pasadena, and was accomplished in record 4 hours. The second and third moves were piece moving orders, one involved moving 2 couches in Stevenson Ranch, and another one moving a double-door refrigerator in Valencia. The last moving order for the day was to move a grand piano located in Anaheim, and needed to be delivered to Sherman Oaks. We will describe our experience with this particular piano below.

One of the important factors determining the cost of piano moving is the type of piano. Each piano moving potentially can result in physical damage of the piano, or walls, and most importantly injury of the moving staff. Most of the cost accrued during the piano moves, goes directly to reimburse movers, and contribution to the workers compensation fund. Therefore, it is very important to disclose all details to the estimator to avoid confusion at the end. For example, today we were asked to move a Baby Grand Piano by Mason & Hamlin , which is easily accomplished by 3 movers, but after arrival movers found an older (circa 1920s) Grand Piano, which requires at least 4 movers to carry up the stairs. Another obstacle, was that piano had very old and rusted bolts securing the legs, and it took some time to remove them. After that, the piano was prepped and wrapped as usually,flipped on on the skid board and delivered to the apartment building in Sherman Oaks. There we had another surprise awaiting us. A complicated and narrow staircase... It took 4 movers and some effort to get the piano up two flights of stairs, but fortunately without incidents. At the apartment piano was quickly re-assembled and placed to the customers desire.

Type of move: Residential, Piano Moving.
Location: Sherman Oaks, 90014.
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