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Fastruck Moving Company is one of the major commercial relocation companies of Los Angeles. We have a long list of local businesses which we have helped relocate in the past and we are continuing to serve private and public offices with quick efficient relocation services at a reasonable prices.

For smaller offices we offer our affordable hourly rates, just like in local moving projects. For larger and more complex commercial relocation projects we provide a "not-to-exceed" price, well in advance so that the company which is moving, won't incur extra charges on the day of the relocation, and budget accordingly. It is very important for us to maintain a fair price for our customers even though the relocation itself can take even days. The binding estimate is established prior to the relocation of the company that is moving, and is a price that is agreed upon by Fastruck Moving and the client.

An estimator will arrive to the office, and review exactly what needs to be done to accomplish the relocation in the most efficient and quick manner with as little down time as possible. In the majority of the occasions, the moving job is done during after hours or on weekend days to avoid any operational down time. Fastruck Moving employees work on every hour of the day or night with the goal of servicing our clients in the manner that is most convenient.

We will provide any materials necessary and will disassemble all types of furniture. Fastruck Moving specializes in moving cubicles and other types of office furniture. If need be, we bring in our company carpenter who can disassemble and reassemble the most complex pieces of furniture and this of course will be included in the binding price.

One of Fastruck Moving Company's main goal is to serve Los Angeles County's businesses with efficient and quality relocation services, while maintaining superb customer service at all hours of the day. We stay available to answer all your questions and moving needs before, during and after the relocation is done.

Most of the modern office buildings require a prove of liability insurance, and addition of the landlords as additionally insured. Please visit our Certificate of Insurance page in order to communicate your request. Please allow 1-4 business days to process your order.

Answers to the following questions would greatly help us to determine what resources it will take to move your office efficiently:

  • How many square feet is your office?
  • How many computer stations do you have?
  • Do you have any cubicles? How many?
  • How many flat screen TVs? Are they attached to wall?
  • Do you have any regular metal file cabinets? How many drawers in each?
  • Do you have any commercial copying machines, fireproof file cabinets, or fire safes?
  • Do you have stairs?
  • Do both of you buildings have cargo elevators or regularly sized passenger one?
  • Is truck parking area immediately accessible to the entrance?
  • Do you require certificate of liability insurance?


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Why Fastruck Moving?

Why Fastruck Moving?

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Don't just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say!


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