Storage Unit Tips when you are Moving

If you have made the decision to move, you may be feeling overwhelmed by everything that you need to get done before the move is complete. A good way to balance everything is by renting a storage unit. This storage unit will act as a balance between your current home and the new one. It’s a place to put things that you have taken care of for the move but hasn’t been loaded or picked up yet.

If you aren’t feeling overwhelmed, then you may not need to invest in a storage unit. You may have everything under control and feel that a storage unit is a waste of your time and money. However, if you do have a lot or if you want to keep your move organized in every way, here are a few points you will want to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Reserve a unit as soon as you know that you are moving

Storage units come in a variety of shapes and sizes with additional perks such as controlled climate, 24-hour access, and more. When you officially know you are going to move, you will want to go ahead and rent the unit out so you can begin preparing for the move. You can then start placing empty boxes inside the unit so you can have them ready for the day that you begin.

Tip #2: Choose a unit that is right for you

You will want to choose a unit that is right for you based on what you need. First, determine the size that you need. If you are simply using it for a place to drop off and pick up to get things out of your way and to keep them moving, then a simple 5×5 unit should meet your needs. If you need to store three or four rooms of items, then you are probably going to need a 10×20 foot unit instead.

Another option is climate control. Do you need a unit that offers climate control. If you have electronics, artwork, photos, and other items that are simply sentimental to you, then a climate-controlled storage unit is going to be the best option for you.

Tip #3: Unit Rentals sometimes offers Moving Truck Rentals

Some units will also offer truck rentals with a storage unit so you can cut down on your moving expenses and control your overall moving costs.

Tip #4: Begin by packing up non-essentials first

Once you have your storage unit rented, you can begin by packing anything and everything that you do not use on a normal day-to-day basis. If you are not using it, place it in a box, mark the box, and take it to your storage unit so you can keep it there until your move.

Tip #5: Keep it Organized

It’s important that you keep your storage unit organized at all times so that you and the Orange County Movers will know what needs to go first and what to take with them when they stop in for a load.

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