Strategy for a Campus Move

Families can move at different times of the year with the help of Orange County Movers and can have different needs during each re-location effort. In contrast to that, many college students return to campus at the end of the summer, and each of those students’ moves involve the transport of certain basic items.

Items that most students view as essential

  • Linens and blankets; bed clothes and slippers, or flip flops
  • Towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoos, conditioner, hairbrush, comb, hair dryer, nail clippers and medication; tote for at least some of the above items
  • Laptop, chargers, USB flash drive and hard drive
  • Desk light and bedside light
  • Bookcase: Consider one that turns and fits on a desktop
  • Backpack, notebooks, pens and pencils

A student that plans to take part in a sport needs to pack certain pieces of gear. For instance, a swimmer must pack a swimsuit; a golfer needs to pack his or her golf clubs.

Steps to take in the packing process

Look for special hangers, which can hold more than one skirt, more than one pair of pants, or more than one shirt. Those are ideal for a dorm room where 2 or 3 students must share one closet.

Put as many skirts, pants or shirts as possible on one of those special hangers. Transport those clothing items in that way, in an attempt to minimize creation of wrinkles.

Purchase an under-bed storage unit: Use that for packing towels, bed linens and heavy sweaters. Once the student has settled in, that unit can function like a personal linen closet.

Get hold of some collapsible and recyclable boxes. Use them in place of a suitcase. That way, the empty suitcase does not take up space in the dorm room. By the same token, do not overlook other means for transporting small pieces of clothing. For example, some of those items could go in the backpack.

Invest in a filtered water pitcher.  Any student that is taking medication should have one of those. A student’s dorm room does not have space for a whole pack of bottled water.  That pitcher, and any other fragile item could be wrapped in a towel or blanket, while it was being carried to the campus.

Possible changes to one or more of the above steps

Not every student could use the family car to transport his or her things to the college campus.  Some students might need to fly into the area. In that case, a suitcase would be required.

The student would need to live from that suitcase, until the student’s other items had been shipped to him or her. Ideally, the college would provide such students with useful information, regarding the transport services in the area.

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