The Art and Science of Moving Your Home

Think your movers are all brawn and no brain? Think again.

Moving is not just about picking up furniture and boxes and moving them in the back of a truck. Professional moving is an art as well as a science. Professional movers understand a load and oftentimes need to pack it like an intricate puzzle. The best move is a safe one with no damage. And this requires the ingenuity and creativity of a professional California mover.

Truck Size

First things first. The moving truck should be sized to the load or in anticipation of another load to be added. Too much room inside a truck can lead to shifting and damage to its contents. Items that are moved in a truck that is too large for its contents must be secured to avoid damage.

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is one of the most important factors for safety and key to getting things from one place to another without damage. Loading a moving truck needs to be done in layers with each item protected and secured, avoiding rubbing or hitting up against other objects. A professional mover will understand weight dynamics and load a truck considering weight and size, with heavier items going along the walls and towards the front near the cab of the truck.

Medium-heavy boxes and items will be stacked next with the lightest and smallest items on top toward the front of the truck. Not only is this the safest distribution for the truck and potential movement of the items within but it alleviates heavy boxes from falling when unloading.

Protection of Furniture

A professional understands that furniture damage most often occurs when shifting inside the truck. Furniture will always be protected with blanket pads to ensure that things don’t move against each other. At times, plastic wrap will be added for extra protection, particularly for more fragile pieces or objects that are harder to move.

Metal objects will never be loaded close to furniture. Metal has the potential to tear through plastic wrapping during transport and may damage other pieces of furniture. Rugs will always be rolled up, taped and secured to avoid damage.

Maximizing Space

Many pieces of furniture will be broken down into their largest components and individually secured and wrapped. That means that the legs of tables and chairs will be removed and wrapped, if possible. Breaking down furniture will help maximize space and reduce damage with tables and desks loaded vertically. If your furniture can’t easily be disassembled, the areas that are between legs and drawers and interior spaces can hold boxes and other smaller items.

There is a difference between a quality moving experience and one done by amateurs. When you hire a moving company in California, make sure you are hiring a professional. At Fastruck Moving, we take your personal items and your move seriously. We serve most of the Los Angeles area for professional and affordable moving. Call us at (323) 849-0022 for a free quote.

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