Tips for Prioritizing the Various Moving Day Tasks

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By moving day, a majority of the items in the affected household should be packed. Still, many tasks remain on the list of things to do. This article attempts to prioritize the things on that same list.

Essential steps

Using a marker, label the packed boxes. If the boxes have not yet been taken from the rooms in the home by Orange County Movers, mark down the room in which the unlabeled box was found. Otherwise, use the system created by the person that has been put in charge of this particular moving operation.

Make a list of the items being moved. If the contents of each box remain a mystery, mark down the number of boxes in each room. Also record the number of appliances or pieces of furniture in each room. Have on hand the supplies that can help anyone that needs to take apart each large piece of furniture.  A listing of such supplies should include small and large plastic bags, plus a marker for labeling each bag. A tool for dealing with any screws should also be given to the person that needs to deal with the large and multi-part items.

Hosting chores

If friends, neighbors or relatives have arrived to help, each of them deserves to be provided with access to some form of sustenance. In other words, someone should make a point of using whatever remains in the kitchen to prepare some simple snacks.

Those simple snacks might be sandwiches. The preparation of sandwiches could function as a way to use up any odds and ends in the kitchen. For instance, an almost empty jar of peanut butter could get used to make one or more snack-type foods.

If there were other items in the pantry that the family did not want to move, those could be laid out on a table, next to the snack foods. Hence, the volunteers could study the things from the pantry, after coming into the kitchen, in order to grab a snack.

Still, that might not be an effective way for getting rid of any unwanted goods from the pantry. Anyone that wanted one of those same goods would need a means for carrying it home. In other words, there should be some bags or boxes at that same location in the kitchen.

Those simple steps can help a family reward those that have agreed to assist with the moving chores. Understand that each of those volunteers has sacrificed a portion of their time. Some might have delayed making a planned shopping trip.

In that case, their shopping list might have included one or more of the goods that have been taken from the moving family’s pantry. It is a win-win situation.

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