Ways for Cutting the Costs of a Move

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It costs money to re-locate a family’s residence. Moreover, not every cost-cutting measure ensures creation of an effective means for moving a household. Still, professional movers can suggest a few ways for reducing the cost of a move.

Tactics to use when preparing for a move

Do not spend money on cardboard boxes. Go to businesses that have extra boxes, such as a liquor store. Speak with any friends or neighbors that have recently completed re-located their household. Sort through all your possessions, so that you can decrease the total weight of all the packed items. Throw out anything that you have not used within the past year. Arrange to sell some of the larger items. Give some things to a charitable cause.

Start packing: Begin by working on seasonal decorations, then focus on clothing that gets worn in a different season of the year. Make a point of labeling the packed boxes. When packing fragile items, wrap them in linens. Use newspaper or other type of paper product as a cushioning agent.

Start searching for a moving company.  Seek recommendations from friends, co-workers and neighbors. Go online, in order to see which of the named companies have a website. Visit those websites and compare the prices charged by different Orange County Movers.

Employ these tips, in order to lower the move’s cost

Schedule moving day for a time when fewer families are re-locating. Plan to move on a weekday, instead of a weekend. Plan to move in the middle of the month, instead of the end of the month. Complete whatever arrangements should allow you to move at a low-cost time of the week/month.

Find out if any of the family’s furniture will not fit through the doorways of the new home. Visit that residence and measure the width and height of each doorway. Any piece of furniture that would not fit through any of the home’s doorways should be sold or given away.

Design means for preparing a simple meal, so that the family does not have to spend money on take-out food that first night. Learn what source of fuel might be available– electricity or gas. Try to fashion a meal that makes use of whatever fuel should be available.

Arrive ready to clean the kitchen and bathrooms. Bring cleaning items with you, and make sure that each of them is easy to find. You do not want to spend time and money looking for floor cleaner. If you have young children, prepare a means for keeping them busy and happy. Perhaps you could get them working on the creation of a small garden. Provide them with a few gardening tools, along with some seeds or some bulbs.

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