What Do You Do When You Have To Move On A Short Notice?

Moving is always a major event that causes stress in anyone’s life.  This is especially true if you have to move on short notice. You’ll definitely need help.  It will help to read this article because it offers valuable advice regarding moving on short notice.

You need reliable movers on your side

Since moving involves many aspects, especially if it’s done on very short notice, you need to hire reliable movers who can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and to your liking.  Many issues will surface like how to find the biggest and best truck for the job, the best way to pack delicate and valuable items, and the best way to move bulky furniture.  This is especially if you want to move out of state, like to California. Pasadena Movers are very professional and have a reputation for handling your most delicate and sentimental items with care, both during the packing and moving process.

Making storage arrangements

You’ll need to rent out additional storage space to store your items before, during and after the big moving day.  It is best to turn to the professionals for this.  You can always rent additional storage space from reliable movers.  They will often time offer you a huge discount on your move if you ask them to rent your storage space.  This is a far better and safer option than storing your new and expensive computer with your best friend.  After all, your best friend could always break or even steal the computer.

If you rely on professional movers for renting storage space, you can rent as much space as you need for any length of time.  You can also rent additional storage space, often for no fee or for a nominal fee.

Short notice office moves

No one likes to think about short notice office moves, but they are a glaring fact of life in the professional world.  Office moves are always more complicated than residential moves because of their nature. This is especially true, if they are done quickly.  You should always rely on professional commercial movers for this job because of their vast knowledge and many years of experience in terms of commercial moving.

Know your costs and set a budget beforehand

Always know what your final costs are before you begin the moving process.  You also need to use reliable movers, especially when moving on short notice, because they will always give you a fair price which is at the market rate. They’ll also take key factors into account like the location of the new building, whether or not it has an elevator, and if you need extra storage, before giving you a final number for moving costs.

How to handle a short notice move

It is evident that you need to think and act on your feet if you are moving on short notice.  If you plan right, you will have professional and reliable movers supporting you during every step of the moving process.  This will come in very handy on the ‘big moving day!’  you should always do the following if you are moving on short notice:

    • Choose a reliable moving company
    • Choose a good date for moving
    • Make an inventory list
    • Buy a moving insurance policy
    • Make storage arrangements in advance
    • Get professional packing help
    • Set a moving budget and relax

To get an estimate or know more about our services, please call Fastruck Moving Company today!

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